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013: Can Your Business Make More Money with a Podcast & Book? | Michael Alden

You’ve got business questions; we’ve got answers!
  • Does author credibility help improve CEO credibility?
  • How are podcasts helping to grow businesses?
  • Increasing prices - the key to profit?
  • Infomercial marketing in a modern Netflix age?
Our guest is the bestselling author of Ask More, Get More and 5% More and entrepreneur Michael Alden (Founder – Blue Vase Marketing). Hear how Michael survived a dismal childhood surrounded by drugs, arrests, and death, and instead chose to ask more of himself. Putting himself through college and law school by working in a call center, Michael went on to found the direct marketing agency Blue Vase Marketing. Now he’s on CEO Powercast – to tell you how you can ask more, get more, and do more for your business.

012: Can You Make Money with an Olympic Athlete Endorsing Your Product? | Kristy Kowal (Olympic Swimmer)

This week, Evan and Charlie continue carrying the torch they lit last week by discussing the many ways your business can utilize Olympic athletes to promote growth in sales and social reach (and you don't need to have a P&G-sized budget to do it!). They are joined by Silver Medalist (Sydney 2000) and two-time NCAA Swimmer of the Year Kristy Kowal, discussing a multitude of topics, from post-Olympics life to depression and tattoos, that you simply have to hear to believe. 


011: Overcoming Obstacles as a CEO | Tanner Gers

This week, Evan and Charlie have a wild discussion with paralympian and motivational speaker Tanner Gers. They discuss taking control of your own life, Tanner's blindness and paralympic journey, why the infamous Olympic "Rule 40" works against athletes, and how doing SEO can sometimes get you kicked off iTunes, which Tanner experienced on his super successful podcast "Creative Success Show."

Tanner's Website and Podcast:

010: Tips from Inventors on How to Launch Products

We're back! Have you seen the TV commercials with the caveman or George Foreman that offer help with your invention and wonder what happens when you call? Episode 10 takes you behind closed doors and onto the show floor of the largest invention trade show for inventors, investors and entrepreneurs in America – INPEX.

Charlie and Evan met with hundreds of today’s top inventors and feature interviews with the inventors of four of their favorite products: Tabolap, Stiff Collar Stay, VaNicci and Yatra. They discuss taking risks, inventory management and the importance of planning ahead.

  • Tabolap – | Twitter - @TabolapBrief | FB - TabolapBag | Instagram - @Tabolap
  • Yatra – | Twitter - @shopyatra | FB - Shop Yatra | Instagram - @Yatra
  • Stiff Collar Stay – | FB - Stiff Collar Stay
  • VaNicci – | FB - VaNicci Salon | Instagram - @VaNicciSalon

009: Is Selling on Amazon Putting You Out of Business?

This week, the duo focuses on Amazon: the good, the bad, and the ugly. How does one company have such a huge input of the success and failure of so many small businesses? Why should a company selling on Amazon make their biggest concern building a database of its own customers when Amazon can easily control the transaction from end to end? Is retail dying or is Amazon putting it down slowly?
Part two features a discussion about what signing a celebrity means to your business. Is it the only marketing that you need or is it one of many assets that small entrepreneurial companies need to leverage to have success? Also find out how free gifts can pay for your celebrity spokesperson. 
The co-hosts of CEO Powercast are looking for several emerging businesses who would be interested in discussing their business on-air. Email Producer John-Michael for more info at

008: Cyber Security in Your Small Business | Resources for Entrepreneurial Growth

This week, Charlie and Evan address the dangers and repercussions of cyber attacks on small business and methods every entrepreneur can use to sharpen and expand their skill set daily.

While Target and Home Depot stole the headlines, cyber security firm Symantec reports 43% of all cyber attacks last year targeted small businesses with less than 250 employees. Charlie talks about her own brush with a cyber attack and the duo discuss why small businesses which neglect the importance of cyber security are making a huge mistake. Also discussed are the many resources and self-help tools available for entrepreneurial and C-level growth.  

The co-hosts of CEO Powercast are looking for several emerging businesses who would be interested in discussing their business on-air. Email Producer John-Michael Esposito for more info at


007: How Does (Re)Branding Affect Brand Loyalty? | Avi Shenkar (BLO/OUT)

We're back! After two weeks off, Charlie and Evan discuss the marketing secrets of chains and franchises. They also discuss what branding and rebranding is doing for customer loyalty, specifically what CORE Hydration and Orangina are doing in the "functional beverage" space. This week also features an interview with Avi Shenkar, CEO of BLO/OUT, one of the fastest-growing chains of blow dry bars in the country. Avi gives listeners his inside secrets to real customer service, generating sales, attracting new customers, and how free umbrellas keep his customers coming back. 

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006: Cracker Barrel for Millennials?

In this week’s 30-minute episode, co-hosts Charlie Fusco and Evan Morgenstein battle over the merits of Cracker Barrel’s latest celebrity influencer campaign!  The CMAs, YouTube Stars, and Photo Booths! Is it a stunt or a well-planned program? Did Cracker Barrel miss a huge opportunity or stumble on to the next big marketing success? Can social media stars influence millennials to visit the roadside restaurant more often? Listen and find out!


Don’t tune out early because you’ll miss the shocking story Charlie tells that almost leaves Evan speechless!


Charlie and Evan are looking for several emerging businesses who would be interested in discussing their business on-air. Would you like to get some free strategy from the pair? Email Producer John-Michael for more info -! 


005: Hire The Right People! | Steve Sarns

CEO Powercast co-hosts Charlie Fusco and Evan Morgenstein give away tips for hiring dedicated employees and who your first hire should be. They also argue the impact of Puma’s latest celebrity spokespeople, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, and how hiring two American females in their 20's will drive Puma's lifestyle and athletic sales internationally across all demographics. 

Today's guest is NuStep Sales and Marketing Vice President Steve Sarns. The group talks about the close-knit nature of a family business, how entrepreneurs can replicate that on a larger scale, how being a ski bum in his 20's made him a successful salesman, and why he is dedicated to keep his manufacturing in the United States. They also touch on database marketing and why it has becomes NuStep's primary focus. 


004: Your Personal Brand In Real Life | Forbes Riley

Evan and Charlie debate personal branding examples like Martha Stewart, Jack LaLanne and Spanx founder Sara Blakely. Do you have to be a "jerk brand" like Simon Cowell, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump to be truly successful? Find out why outsourcing your brand's social media to a 24 year old is stupid.

Today's guest is Forbes Riley, one of America's most recognizable pitchwomen, who has sold more than two billion dollars in products on HSN, QVC, and infomercial platforms and found personal success with the SpinGym. A true pioneer of personal branding, she talks about how PR agents couldn't handle her, why she decided to become her own manager, and why being fired was a high point in her life. She also shares secrets she learned at 2AM in the QVC London green room on building a 30 million dollar company. Evan and Charlie rapid fire questions about networking, work life balance and her relationship with Jack LaLanne.