CEO Powercast


013: Can Your Business Make More Money with a Podcast & Book? | Michael Alden

August 17, 2016
You’ve got business questions; we’ve got answers!
  • Does author credibility help improve CEO credibility?
  • How are podcasts helping to grow businesses?
  • Increasing prices - the key to profit?
  • Infomercial marketing in a modern Netflix age?
Our guest is the bestselling author of Ask More, Get More and 5% More and entrepreneur Michael Alden (Founder – Blue Vase Marketing). Hear how Michael survived a dismal childhood surrounded by drugs, arrests, and death, and instead chose to ask more of himself. Putting himself through college and law school by working in a call center, Michael went on to found the direct marketing agency Blue Vase Marketing. Now he’s on CEO Powercast – to tell you how you can ask more, get more, and do more for your business.