CEO Powercast


010: Tips from Inventors on How to Launch Products

July 27, 2016
We're back! Have you seen the TV commercials with the caveman or George Foreman that offer help with your invention and wonder what happens when you call? Episode 10 takes you behind closed doors and onto the show floor of the largest invention trade show for inventors, investors and entrepreneurs in America – INPEX.

Charlie and Evan met with hundreds of today’s top inventors and feature interviews with the inventors of four of their favorite products: Tabolap, Stiff Collar Stay, VaNicci and Yatra. They discuss taking risks, inventory management and the importance of planning ahead.

  • Tabolap – | Twitter - @TabolapBrief | FB - TabolapBag | Instagram - @Tabolap
  • Yatra – | Twitter - @shopyatra | FB - Shop Yatra | Instagram - @Yatra
  • Stiff Collar Stay – | FB - Stiff Collar Stay
  • VaNicci – | FB - VaNicci Salon | Instagram - @VaNicciSalon