CEO Powercast


009: Is Selling on Amazon Putting You Out of Business?

June 1, 2016
This week, the duo focuses on Amazon: the good, the bad, and the ugly. How does one company have such a huge input of the success and failure of so many small businesses? Why should a company selling on Amazon make their biggest concern building a database of its own customers when Amazon can easily control the transaction from end to end? Is retail dying or is Amazon putting it down slowly?
Part two features a discussion about what signing a celebrity means to your business. Is it the only marketing that you need or is it one of many assets that small entrepreneurial companies need to leverage to have success? Also find out how free gifts can pay for your celebrity spokesperson. 
The co-hosts of CEO Powercast are looking for several emerging businesses who would be interested in discussing their business on-air. Email Producer John-Michael for more info at